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Construction Waterproofing Inspection and Material Testing.

KINGISI Provides Waterproofing Membrane Inspection and Material Testing.

Below-grade waterproofing prevents water intrusion and is critical to avoiding costly problems in the future. Waterproofing and Water Vapor Control is highly recommended for your exterior building envelope, including foundations, retaining walls and elevator pits. Creating a Dry and Water Tight barrier. We offer an array of options and newest technologies for maximum protection and expedited schedules.

Observation and Inspection for your Approved Monolithic Waterproofing Membrane applications and protection will include ASTM Thickness Testing for both Concrete and Masonry Codes. All inspections will be per Manufacture Recommendations and Specifications (PDF Specifications / Data Sheets will be provided to our inspectors prior to application).

Surface Preparation: Remove grease, oil, paints and other penetrating contaminants fro the Concrete or CMU material.

Cracks and Joints: Prepare, treat, rout and fill joints and cracks in accordance with ASTM C1127 and manufactures written recommendations.

Applied Material Application: Thickness Testing, Ambient Air Temperature and when applicable Dry Times Prior to 2nd coat will be documented. All Material is consolidated with a tight and uniform appearance and no breaks formed. For added protection and drainage, flexible drainage sheets will then be secured in place Prior to Backfilling.

Rubberized Mastic Material

Fluid-Applied Membrane, Trowel-grade, rubberized bitumen mastic with multiple uses, including finishing the edge of seams, overlaps, patches and terminations of the properly sealed waterproofing membrane. Also for use in roof flashing applications.

Waterproofing Sheet Membrane / protection.

A flexible, self-adhering, rubberized asphalt sheet waterproofing membrane with a polymer film on the surface and a removable treated release film on the adhesive side. For below-grade waterproofing applications.

Waterproofing products will begin to age as soon as they are exposed to the Elements and construction materials. Life span of the waterproofing membrane will differ for each job site. Manufactures will offer a limited warranty and will give you a copy of their limited warranty upon request.

For further instruction and products, I have listed a few manufactures

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