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King Inspection Services has built a reputation for excellence that we are extremely proud of. Due to our commitment to this standard of quality, you can be assured that your inspection report will be thorough, detailed, and accurate. We have many satisfied customers and have created respective long-lasting relationships throughout Southern California due to our commitment to quality. We confront any related issue and excel where others find challenging.

The purpose of any inspection is to establish conformance to specifications, drawings, and building code requirements.

While performing any type of inspections, our inspectors pay very close attention to detail. It is self-evident that the very first inspection task will be to find out what is required. Reviewing contract drawings and specifications is an essential step to the quality control process.


Other key points we check during our initial review for welding inspections may include, but are not limited to the following: shop drawings showing weld locations and type, inspection frequency & criteria, and welding procedure specifications, as well as welder certifications.

American Construction Inspector Association Member. ACIA


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