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Welding Inspection / Structural Steel Welding Inspection

Kingisi provides all-inclusive and contemporary structural steel welding inspection service in San Diego. Our all welding techniques are specifically fabricated and engineered to meet all the expectations of the clients. Varying from identification to the final inspection- every welding step will be executed proficiently.

Our technicians and welders have the expertise and profuse experience in practicing different welding techniques. It is our 100% guarantee that you will always receive the best welding engineering and evaluation with respect to your stipulations. Thus, you will be better sure that you will always get the advantageous welding inspection services. For any query, contact us on our email id or call us at (619)261-9022.

The following key points are verified during the review at the first stage for welding inspections. But these are just a few. Our services are beyond your imagination and will serve you at each step. You can count these materials, approved Mill Certs, inspection frequency & criteria, shop drawings showing weld locations and type, and welding procedure stipulations.

Shop and Field Welding Inspection

Structural Steel Testing

Structural Fire Proofing Inspections

Welder Qualification Testing

Weld Procedure Qualification Testing

Machining of Test Specimens

High-Strength Bolt Testing

High-Strength Bolt Tension Inspection

Anchor Bolt Testing

Nondestructive Testing of Structures and Components (UT, MT, PT)

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