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Our qualified auditors keep their eyes on each element that assists the Masonry to be constructed properly and in tune with the requirements and plans. It initiates with scrutinizing the fundamental materials, like - finding out CMU Block or Brick as per specifications, validates Placement, spacing of Rebar and Welded wire Inserts, checking up on the fusion of designs for Mortar and Grout then Samples of Mortar and Grout per ASTM Standards, etc.

At Kingisi, our competent examiners inspect and gauge the structural masonry so that your project will be accomplished successfully. All the work is executed under the supervision of our experienced inspectors. And, we will ensure that you will always get the trustworthy structural masonry inspection in San Diego that will be perfectly tailored to your demands and stipulations.

With our inspection concept, we fully focus on the quality assurance program that embraces all the productive steps to execute the plan successfully. Contact us, if you are in need of such beneficial masonry inspection services. We will proceed as per your direction.

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