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Epoxy Inspection. 

ACI Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspector Certified

King Inspection Services provides Epoxy Inspection for commercial and residential projects. Epoxy is used to embed hol-downs and anchor bolts into existing concrete for shear walls and seismic strength. Epoxy is also used to “anchor in” threaded steel rods from existing concrete to a steel base plate for structural columns. These threaded rods are secure in place by epoxy into existing foundations, slabs or walls and are used for interlocking the old existing walls and foundations to the new expansion. Special Inspection is required depending on the engineer’s design and can subsequently be required in certain cities. We check placement of epoxy per plan for location, type, date and the condition of percussion hammer drilled holes. We also check the cleanliness of holes, observe the epoxy mix, placement and installation of rebar and all threads or hold-downs SET-XP® epoxy anchoring adhesive is a high-strength formula for anchoring and doweling in cracked and uncracked concrete and masonry applications. It is a two-part system with the resin and hardener being simultaneously dispensed and mixed through the mixing nozzle. When properly mixed, adhesive will be a uniform teal color for easy post-installation identification.

  • Threaded rod anchoring and rebar doweling into concrete and masonry

  • Suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications

Clean Up

Root out the uncured ingredient with cotton face pads. And, if the level is little higher, then rub the affected area with abrasive & water-based solvent and just rinse it with water. Other standard solvents, like - ketones (MEK, acetone, etc.), lacquer thinner or adhesive remover can also be employed. But, use them, only if they are authorized.

Remember - Don’t use these cleansing agents to wipe out the adhesive from the skin. Moreover, adopt the extra preventative measures, when you tackle with these dangerous flammable solvents. These agents may induce harm to certain surfaces.

On the flip side, if it is cured ingredient, then grind off the unwanted surface.

Kingisi offers the trustworthy epoxy inspection in San Diego to resolve the probable issues during the extended structure. Whether it is a 2-3 storey building or a ground-floored flat, our professional inspectors evaluate each step meticulously and then give you a favorable solution. We check the specific place, the rods, the holes, and other associated parameters to clean out all your doubts.

Still in perplexion? Just approach us. Our skilled investigators and reviewers carry out the deep inspection of every element and then give you an appropriate epoxy inspecting solution. Trust us. We will strive to give exactly that you wish for.


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