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Bolting Inspection

Our bolting inspectors figure out various nuts, bolts, and the washers appropriately - whether they are in the proper condition to be best utilized in the project plan. We test the bolts in terms of torque in the installation of high strength bolting. Even, our testers perform the certification test on these three imperative elements to check their versatility.

Foremostly, evaluation of calibration for the torque wrench is figured out and the bolt tension is checked using a calibration device. We follow a simple process - Our engineers pick the bolt, allotted with a specific number, randomly. And, once it gets checked, it will be marked with that particular date.

Along with all these parameters, our bolting inspection in San Diego also initiates the connection and the bolt testing.

We develop customized & safe bolting strategies that inspect, operate, and test the nuts, bolts, and washers comprehensively. And, all these are specifically generated to provide ultimate favorable outcomes, maximizing the security system as a whole. We understand that the meticulous testing is necessary for the profitable project plan completion. That’s why, you will always receive the best from us!

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