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Reinforcing Steel Placement

Preceding the concrete placement, some parameters of that specific field are to be evaluated- size, spacing, quantity, and clearance in the concrete form. Plus, forms and subgrade conditions are also checked out.

At Kingisi, we always strive to give you a complete reinforcing concrete solution that will surely work out. From the reinforced concrete inspection to the final placement-, our staff will pay attention to each step and then execute it flawlessly. We offer a complete set of innovative products that are tested and analyzed, and then only presented before you. If you are the one, who is seeking the best reinforced concrete placement services, then you can trust us. We will become your best companion throughout the entire process of reinforced concrete placement.

Our core strength lies in the complete satisfaction of our clients. And, thus, our company always engages in the perfect inspection and testing of the concrete and the associated components. You can depend on us for the quality reinforced concrete testing in San Diego. We won’t leave you, till you will get your goal achieved.

King Inspection Services.

King Inspection Services has built a reputation for excellence that we are extremely proud of. Due to our commitment to this standard of quality, you can be assured that your inspection report will be thorough, detailed, and accurate.

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