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Why.... Independent Special Inspection ???

King Inspection Services has Qualified Deputy Special Inspectors ready to assist with ALL your Construction Needs.

We provide a Full range of Special Inspection Services and Material Testing. Insuring consistent and dependable services and helping our clients build safe, code compliant projects. Using a Variety of Top Quality Multi-Licensed Deputy Inspectors that are experienced in inspecting all aspects of the construction process from the ground up.

Independent third party inspections benefit owners in many ways. In addition to getting a

“Top Notch” finished product where materials are designed and installed correctly, the building will provide excellent service and have fewer problems. The greatest impact will be realized with lower operating costs on higher performing buildings. This translates right to the bottom line on building efficiency and a faster return on investment.

City Requirements.

Independent third party inspections benefit the City Inspector with Daily Documentation for ALL worked performed on the jobsite and assisting the contractors Quality Assurance / Quality Control programs. With our daily observation and inspection reports we can establish conformance to the specifications, approved drawings and current building code requirements.

Architects and Engineers.

The design community can use a peer review and third party inspection as a way of ensuring the constructability of the drawings and that the design intent is carried out in the field. This contributes to risk management and reduces the exposure to construction errors. It’s a lot easier to address a question when the design is still on paper than when it is already built. The architect and engineer’s liability insurance may also decrease if these are standard practices endorsed by their insurance carrier.

General Contractors.

General contractors can be well served by independent third party inspections. Fewer call backs mean more of the profit is kept as profit rather than spent on service calls, or worse yet, attorney’s fees. In addition, third party inspections are a good check on how the construction crew is doing. A contractor’s reputation is best maintained with a good quality product delivery.

Special Inspection.

When it comes to Construction Schedules, problems are difficult and expensive to resolve. The materials are usually difficult to access, covered in concrete and being mostly installed within the wall or roof cavities. In a large number of cases repair costs can quickly escalate to many times the cost of the initial installation. Working with an independent inspection company can help eliminate these issues and offers an additional layer of Quality Assurance to the project by providing the following services:

Additional services include:

Pre-construction meetings.

Design review.

Certified ASTM Material Testing including Break Results.

Recommendations and Working Relationship with Local Dependable Contractors.

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